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NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2497 – The Arrogant Lin Chaotian! flagrant tiny
In truth, individuals could not actually notice the undulation of fire-attribute principle on Lin Chaotian’s system.
“It’s worthless! You can’t avoid facing this ancestor!”
Lin Chaotian actually spoke to him that way. This built him very displeased.
Right at the moment, the 3rd pa.s.sageway illuminated up!
Wing viewed Lin Chaotian in great shock and exclaimed, “This … How is probable?”
Now, he has become Dao Ancestor, how could Lin Chaotian possibly allow him to out of?
can’t you inform yet? He’s targeting Lord Saint Azure!”
For that reason, he failed to worry Lin Chaotian at all.
Instinctively, he was approximately to teleport away.
Once a Dao Ancestor passed away, the principle crystal would condense over.
The human powerhouses provide dared for getting annoyed but did not dare to communicate.
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Sacred Ancestor Significant Priest claimed disdainfully, “The current problem is the fact I’m a Dao Ancestor way too! Just after Ye Yuan earnings, as well as Prize Pig, precisely what do you count as?”
“Wing, can come over and fork out values to this very ancestor!” Lin Chaotian’s words transported a sternness that brooked no mediation.
Amongst Dao Ancestor and Dao Ancestor, there is deterrence!
A fresh Dao Ancestor would also be brought into this world.
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This guy actually became the new Dao Ancestor Firespirit?
“Not great, Lin Chaotian probably won’t allow him to off!”
In the same manner a Dao Ancestor, how come Lin Chaotian so formidable?
This person actually became the new Dao Ancestor Firespirit?
Combined with the past grudges, how could Sacred Ancestor Substantial Priest reduced his mind?
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Certainly, he harbored sick-purpose!
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A whole new Dao Ancestor would additionally be born.
This palm practically shattered his internal organs.
How could this be?

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